The Inhabited Island

  • 103 min.
  • 2009
  • Karoprokat

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    The year 2157. Humankind is thriving. Pilots from the Free Search Group are venturing far into deep space. A Russian spacecraft, manned by twenty-year-old explorer Maxim Kammerer, crash-lands on a remote planet named Saraksh, which turns out to be inhabited. Here, the courageous young astronaut will discover a mysterious land that is ruled by the Unknown Fathers, five nameless overlords that brainwash their subject's minds with the help of mind-control devices. While exploring this strange place, Maxim will make new friends (and new enemies) and find true love – and finally, after conquering many obstacles - fighting hunger, narrowly escaping death, and coming to terms with loss - he will lead a rebellion and challenge the authority of the five power-hungry rulers…


  • Director
    Fedor Bondarchuk
  • Script
    Edward Volodarskiy, Marina Dyachenko, Sergei Dyachenko
  • Cameraman
    Maxim Osadchiy
  • Producers
    Alexander Rodnyanskiy, Sergei Melkumov, Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitriy Rudovskiy
  • Composer
    Yuriy Poteenko
  • Art director
    Vladislav Nikulin, Janna Pakhomova


  • Vasily Stepanov
    Vasily Stepanov ...Maxim Kamerrer
  • Petr Fedorov
    Petr Fedorov ...Gai Gaal
  • Yulia Snigir
    Yulia Snigir ...Rada Gaal
  • Alexey Serebryakov
    Alexey Serebryakov ...Traveller
  • Fedor Bondarchuk
    Fedor Bondarchuk ...Accuser
  • Gosh Kutsenko
    Gosh Kutsenko ...Vepr
  • Sergey Garmash
    Sergey Garmash ...Zef

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Нон-Стоп Продакшн