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  • 107 min.
  • 2018
  • Central Partnership

About film

General information

  • Year
  • Country
  • Genre
  • Film rating
  • Tagline
    "Good story about bad girls"
  • Synopsis
    Three girls - three stories about how to change their lives and what sacrifices they must make in the “pursuit of happiness”. Porsches, oligarchs, sex, love and dreams of a beautiful life. Will the heroines succeed, or will they fall apart before reaching their goals?


  • Director
    Vadim Perelman
  • Script-writer
    Daria Gracevich
  • Cameraman
    Yuri Nikogosov
  • Producers
    Alexey Ageev, Taimuraz Badziev, Semyon Slepakov, Albert Ryabyshev, Alexander Plotnikov, Fedor Bondarchuk, Andrew Ushatskiy, Dmitriy Tabarchuk
  • Composer
    Ilya Truskovskiy, Roman Bestseller
  • Art director
    Evgeny Kachanov
  • Editor
    Alexander Bobrov


  • Yulia Khlynina
    Yulia Khlynina ...Katya
  • Svetlana Ustinova
    Svetlana Ustinova ...Galya
  • Anna Adamovich
    Anna Adamovich ...Liza
  • Анатолий Кот
    Анатолий Кот ...Дмитрий,охранник Кости
  • Микаэль Джанибекян
    Микаэль Джанибекян ...Сурен
  • Иван Добронравов
    Иван Добронравов ...Миша

Movie facts

  • Yulia Khlynina had been studying eastern dance course for scenes in Dubai.
  • Director of the film Vadim Perelman - popular Hollywood director and was nominated for an Oscar.

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